Admin Council New Covid19 Measures – 6/15/21
Upon recommendation of the Covid19 Task Force, the Administrative Council of Grace UMC voted into effect the Covid19 measures listed below. Unless otherwise noted, these measures may be enacted immediately.
Worship Matters
• That we resume bringing children to front (the chancel area) during worship for the Children’s Moment on the second Sunday in August.
• That children continue to wear masks; fully vaccinated youth can go without masks if they so choose.
Sunday School Matters
• Sunday School resumes on June 20, 10am. The children will gather in their rooms; adults will gather in one group in the gym. There will be a rotating system of teachers.
• We recommend that Adult Classes return to their own classrooms on Sunday, August 29.
Contact Sports In The Gym (specifically basketball)
• That it be allowed to resume pending approval by the Trustees. Pending approval by the Trustees is recommended to give them time to explore matters related to renting the gym to outside groups and cleaning matters.
Serving Food
• That serving of food and drink be allowed so long as there is no self service. This would avoid a common point of contact with people reaching into the same dish or using the same serving utensils.
• That we give permission to Nurture to resume serving of food and/or drink on Sunday mornings under the guidelines above whenever the leadership of that group is prepared to do so.
• That we give permission to the Welcome Table to resume serving food and drink on Thursdays under theguidelines above whenever the leadership of that group is prepared to do so
At its May 18, 2021 meeting, the Administrative Council of Grace UMC, upon recommendation of Grace’s Covid19 Task Force, voted to relax some of its worship restrictions as outlined below. Any safety guidelines not specifically mentioned below are still in place. We believe these decisions are in compliance with recent recommendations from the CDC and with Governor Cooper’s statement previous Friday dropping mask and social distancing mandates for vaccinated people in most environments. These new measures go into effect this Sunday, May 23.
● Masks will be optional for fully vaccinated people at the 11am service (fully vaccinated means two weeks after receiving the second dose). Those who are not fully vaccinated are welcome to come to the 11am service, but will be expected to wear a mask. Folks who are fully vaccinated yet are more comfortable continuing to wear a mask at the 11 am service are welcome to do so.
● All attendees at the 8:30 am service are expected to wear masks; even those who are fully vaccinated. Rationale: some have chosen not to be vaccinated; children and youth have not had the opportunity to be vaccinated. Expecting masks to be worn at 8:30 would provide them a safe place for fellowship and worship. Expecting even fully vaccinated people to wear a mask at the 8:30 service is an extending of grace to our unvaccinated children, youth, their parents and to all our sisters and brothers not yet at ease being in an mask-free environment; it is part of our effort to “watch over one another in love.”
● Not knowing who has and hasn’t been vaccinated, all this would be done on the honor system.
● No registration for either service; no attendance limit for either service.
● No assigned seats, but self-regulated social distancing will be encouraged at the 8:30 service.
● Children will still be asked to wear masks when taking part in the children’s ministry activities.
● Group singing will not be included in the worship services at this point. We are waiting on the CDC and other groups with expertise in health and science to guide us.
Mid-Week Groups:
● They are under the same guidelines as the 11am worship service.
● Masks optional for those fully vaccinated, masks expected for those who are not.
● Those who are fully vaccinated and feel comfortable wearing a mask may do so.
● No registration required.
● No attendance limits for mid-week groups.
● Mid-week groups will be allowed to use only the Bullock Activity Center (gym) or the Bible Study Room.