Bible in A Year
Book Study 2023:

This week’s Scriptures & Videos…

Dec. 17: Revelation 10-11; Psalm 43
Dec. 18: Revelation 12-13; Psalm 44; NT Overview
Dec. 19: Revelation 14-16; Psalm 45
Dec. 20: Revelation 17-18; Psalm 46
Dec. 21: Revelation 19-20; Psalm 47, NT Overview
Dec. 22: Revelation 21-22; Psalm 48

It’s never too late to start!

Find the whole plan and additional links at Share your thoughts with each other or send us a note and let us know how it is going.



Bible Club



Join the Tuesday Bible Study
Last week, the new bible study based on the Revised Common Lectionary began. The lectionary is a three-year cycle of biblical texts that pertain to the seasons of the Christian calendar year. More often than not, we (at Grace UMC) worship with and proclaim these texts on Sundays, as well as other worshipful days/times throughout the year.

This study meets Tuesday at 9:00 am in the Bible Classroom and everyone is welcome. We will read, discuss, and study the Lectionary texts for the upcoming Sunday. A link to all the texts can be found here:
As a reminder, anyone can join at any time! Don’t worry about ‘catching up,’ just begin with today’s readings! God’s Word transforms lives!