Wrapping Our Lives In God’s Blessings

Grace UMC members combine compassion and love of knitting into a powerful ministry that provides prayer shawls to those in need of comfort as well as in celebration. The shawl maker prays for the recipient throughout the creation of the shawl. Upon completion, a final blessing is offered by our pastor and congregation during Sunday worship, then the shawl is sent on its way to members, family and friends in need of prayer. Another special blessing and time of prayer is offered when the gift is presented.
Shawls can be used for those undergoing medical procedures, comfort after a loss or the birth of a baby–there are endless possibilities. Our past recipients testify to experiencing the love of God and the love of Grace UMC’s congregation as they embrace the shelter and warmth of the shawl.
Members donate their time and talent to this ministry by knitting or crocheting beautiful prayer shawls individually or communally at Panera Bread on the second Tuesday of each month.
A history of this worldwide ministry, sample prayers, and instructions for knitting or crocheting shawls can be found Shawl Ministry. Please contact the Grace office for more information or to request a shawl for yourself, family member or friend.
Together we wrap our lives in God’s blessings.