The Martha Ministry provides support to families and individuals who need an extra pair of hands during a crisis. The death or serious illness of a loved one is an intense and painful experience for most people. Having the right support makes all of the difference.  Our Martha Ministry provides that extra set of helping hands.

This ministry provides meals and other services, such as sitting, picking up medications and groceries to members who are ill or have been hospitalized for any reason.

Tending to basic food and household needs is also difficult after the loss of a loved one. Many people find their homes filled with out of town friends and family members.  The Martha Ministry can coordinate church volunteers to bring meals to our Grace families and provide receptions during bereavement.

All members of Grace United Methodist Church are encouraged to be active participants in our Martha Ministry.  Everyone involved in this ministry is blessed as we reach out in love and kindness to those who are hurting.  For more information or to become a participant in Martha Ministry, contact the church office.