Senior adults enjoy sharing with one another through planned group activities, special educational opportunities and a weekly Gentle Yoga class. This allow friendships to grow and also give senior adults an opportunity to invite guests to join the group and experience the warmth of Christian fellowship.
Wednesdays at 10:00 am
Cost – $5 per class
Our body is a living vehicle that we have abused and misused, and it shows wear and tear and all the experiences we have gone through. Gentle yoga helps you realize that you should not take your body for granted. It’s a gift, a costume that allows us to express ourselves and experience this world. It’s the main character in your life’s movie, creating a connection with the stories that make you YOU!
We all know of yoga’s numerous benefits. In gentle yoga, you take time to feel your body move. Breath and movement are pathways to keep the organs healthy and joints lubricated. Mostly, gentle yoga helps you have a sound mind to dictate and nurture the cells in the body
Road trip?  Throughout the year we are planning lots of adventures!  From visiting historical sites to seeing the Christmas lights, keep in touch to see where we are going next!
Throughout the year the Graceful Seniors invite speakers to educate our group on various subjects.  From technology to retirement, our leaders are constantly finding ways to educate our community.