The families mainly consist of single mothers and their children, but we do have both parents, single fathers and their children on occasion. The parents are either working or seeking employment and the children are in school during their time in the program. The families receive training with budgeting, childcare and child development, health issues and other areas that will help them remain in a home once they graduate from the program to permanent housing.
Through Wilmington Interfaith Hospitality Network (Interfaith) Grace cooperates on a rotating basis with other Wilmington area churches to provide shelter, food, and comfort to homeless families in the local area. Four times a year, for one week, we take our turn in hosting and feeding families in the program. They stay overnight in designated Sunday school classrooms at Grace and eat their evening meals provided by various church members. We are assisted by St Paul’s Episcopal, St James Episcopal and Chestnut Street Presbyterian congregations.
How you can help: Volunteer to be part of the coordinator group Host overnight from 7:45 pm-7:00 am Be an ambassador on weeknights from 5-8 to greet and assist volunteers and families Host on Saturday in 3 hour shifts from 8:00 am-5:00 pm Provide and serve dinner at 6:00pm Drive the van to transport families to and from the Day House at 6am or 430pm Check the oil in the WIHN van and fill with gas on the Monday of our week Launder the linens used during the week Bring toiletries to share with the families Set up or take down the cots used by families Drive the families and the WIHN van to the next church (this is Sunday morning at the end of their week with us) Offer to host a special activity for families on our Saturday Contact Jane Spicer to help with this ministry at