The word Gracelettes means “doing good little deeds” and we do just that around the church and community, by sending greeting cards, collecting food and supplies for various area ministries, supporting groups within Grace UMC and more.

The Gracelettes are a gathering of young to middle aged women, married and single. This group meets regularly for fellowship every 3rd Thursday of the month. We also have a very active Facebook group to help keep us connected during the week to offer praise reports, prayer requests and share detailed information about social events.

Coming Up: Gracelettes 2022 Event Schedule

(typically, the third Thursday of every month; however, subject to change)

January – Katie V. * Annual Beach Trip * January 14-17

February – April L. *Cinderella’s Closet * February 17th

March – April L. Yoga TBA 

April – Jessica W. * April 21st

May – Liz M. *May 19th

June – Jen R. * June 16th

July – Meredith *Paddling Boarding * July 21st

August – *open

September – Jen S. *September 15th

October – Julie C. * October 20th

November – Rebekah V. *November 3rd

December – Hope I. *December 8th